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You will be successful

Ladder classroom University in a crowded, narrow at the beginning of the high school, become bright and spacious, provides a comfortable learning environment for students. The sun through the large windows on the desk in the classroom, sprinkled on the ground as well as the students who, over the autumn chill.
When Ou Xiaoqi the four class were sitting together, a recess, each other through notes, look for the important information missing his class to go God. Ou Xiaoqi's notes are usually the most complete, beautiful handwriting neat rows of listed in the book, use colored pens to mark different focus, reflect the recorder attentively.
The teacher put his exclusive cup foot out, on the door of the front area of immediate uproar, attracted the students eyes were directed there.
"Oh, what is this, packaging very good, it is men's shirts, Dai Hui you this is for who?" a boy exaggerated waving a parcel, shouting out, for fear that other people can't see it.
The name was called girls hips, stand up, "the monkey, put things aside, this is for your future brother-in-law."
"Brother? Who is it? There is a postcard, I will have a look, thanks to the court." The boys found new like eyes and postcards, only 2 cm distance, as if to read all the content.
Dai Huiyan swift hand quickly grabbed the parcel, the boys glared hippies, "shut up, doing the doing."
"This is to express the rhythm?" Wu Linlin wore a piece of gossip face, seek resonance in Zhou Huan whisper.
"You will be successful?"
"Hard to say, according to my experience, 80." Zhou Huan stroking his chin too profound to be understood, of one face.
"A 80 success rate?"
"Failure rate."
One side of Lu Fei was finishing the class notes, occasionally with Ou Xiaoqi over the check, and then put back, and Ou Xiaoqi looked at just the sound direction, as if thinking of sth., quietly waiting for the next class.
These days the weather is mild, not the 4 abuse, no rain again and again. School square east side there is a lake, the lake surrounded by shade, the shore on the bench Ou Xiaoqi from the bag and pulls out a box of chocolate to sitting on the side of the boys.
"To me? Thank you. The boys were smiling took the chocolate, immediately open the packaging, took a piece in his mouth, face as meet.
Ou Xiaoqi lifted the writing board, "know you eat dark chocolate, I bring you a."
Boys to raise my hand and touch her hair, "we Kiki really intimate." She wiped out the hand he destroyed his hair, looked at the lake.
"How, dormitory life is also used to it, there is no satisfactory."
"All big two, long accustomed to, all right."
"That's good."
Ou Xiaoqi looked back on the boy's body, "thank you, thanks to the court."
"We're best friends, said Xie anatropous points, rest assured, I will always protect you." The Byzantine gone past steady image, clap breast promised.
Ou Xiaoqi just looked at him and laughed, not to the board, just in my heart silently added, nice to know you.
To date, this is Ou Xiaoqi and thanks to fifth years of their court, is a high school classmate and sit at the same table, due to the damage of a serious illness of vocal cord, she has no voice, in the high school, she was not involved in the crowd, only to sit in their seats, not involved in any gossip the headlines. Should she is unknown to the public, the students in the class and the teacher never neglect the existence of, she and the Byzantine in the grade within the top ten around, never out of this circle. She and others rare communication is through her own office, a portable small, run out of a page torn off the page. She and the Byzantine is sit at the same table, but not much, until that day morning, the Byzantine as in the past with her and say good morning, did not end the conversation.