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The apricot red

To apricot aunt on moving day, I also with the amount of [1] to help you. Enamel Mug I hand uncle Buch drink tea with, funds a hand into the pocket out Qingxing eat. When Uncle Buch less poor, in addition to the two painted apricot aunt dowry to the magpie Mui wooden boxes, no value. The amount of any lattice, Harqin Banner of the rainy season is coming, two broken thatched cottage of Uncle Buch's house that cannot hold. If the collapse, is four people. I don't understand, broke a finger count: Uncle Buch, aunt, uncle Bart apricot, when a total of three people, the amount of any lattice why is the four lives?The amount of any lattice squint, smiling to fold recumbent ewes fed salt and water. She felt the ewe General belly become as emaciated as a fowl ball with hands, say slowly: wait, they soon have four mouth people, can not go wrong.
Early in the morning, I and the amount of any lattice heard uncle Buch dumped ring sheep whip, the kids out of the ring, into uncle Buch's flock. My whole childhood witnessed harqin pasture reduced, grassland were reclaimed farmland. The sharp drop in the number of livestock can't afford one family food and drink Lazard, young people are reluctant to do the shepherd, they poured into the city, submerged in the large working population. But there are exceptions, such as Uncle Buch doesn't want to go out to work, he stubbornly stay in the village, to continue his pastoral career. People say that uncle Buch home to him, he will not be in this life out of Kalaqin banner. So young and strong uncle Buch has become common shepherds. At the end of each according to the number of sheep to send him money. Uncle Buch is red face, took the money, I will not look down on the wooden box. Day embarrassed family couldn't afford his wages, uncle Buch don't beg. But before long, the family will gather together enough money to him. Uncle Buch waving don't say what, the family to. So the two strong men like fighting, pushed and shoved, become a street scene. The crowd, all sorts of gossip to persuade uncle Buch take, say: should, take! Hold on! Who knows his family burden heavy, times are tough, a village of young and old refused to let him suffer. That morning, the red sun, the amount you will immediately lattice uncle Buch called down, she said: I am old, children away. You haven't a useful people watching, the house is empty, look not taste. Come you to move, with my wife!
It was so decided. Uncle Buch is a move in the night, the amount that lattice cooked a big pot of mutton, end the basin horse milk wine, the people of the village drinking and dancing around the campfire singing late into the night to eat meat. Everyone is happy, happy. I am also happy, although I know apricot Yi is a crazy woman, Bart's uncle is a fool, but still does not affect my family love. Since the apricot aunt married, quickly won the children's favor, when she was not sick, we all gathered around her, she began to like all [2] like love we. Every time I go to her house, she always found something to eat out, sometimes a handful of hazelnut, sometimes is air dried beef. Once I went to her house, didn't happen to the food, apricot aunt then hurried into the garden, took a basket of beans, give me to eat. I sat in the front of apricot aunt on the stone steps, holding the sea bowl, sweet to eat beans. Apricot aunt sitting on the high threshold, holding a missing tooth comb, with great care to comb my hair.nonwoven bags  After eating and drinking, and I fell out in her tender legs. After wake up, apricot aunt holding a small mirror, according to my head countless braided hemp flowers, smile sweetly. This time, I felt like my mother. She gave me the beautiful shoes: Blue Corduroy cloth cat lying in the flowers. Wear in the feet, the naughty kitten seems to me running jump, provoked the village girl who block in apricot aunt door, shouting to cat shoes.