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You can use the robot to automatically gather and post information on any subject. Let's say that you have a golf blog that you would like to make better with fresh articles and images and also make money. Once you buy the WPRobot(it costs $129.00), it includes 21 modules(each work with a particular site like which the robot can use to draw on targeted information and products into your site to inform and sell to your readers. preamp
The WPRobot is easy and uses your keywords (i.e. Golf bags, golf clubs, golf balls etc.) to search the 21 different useful websites for content and products and will automatically display them in your blog or site. With very little work on your part, the WP Robot can make your golf website/blog filled with interesting golf-related information from such respected sites as EzineArticles, Yahoo Answers Q&A's, Yahoo News, RSS Feeds, images from Flickr and videos from YouTube. This content can be searched and posted by the webot anywhere from every hour to every few days. Now that your site is filled with rich golf-related articles, images and videos, we can focus on making money. As I mentioned earlier, you can choose to retrieve and post ANY articles and products. It all depends on the keywords you use to send your web robot to search, find, retrieve and post at the right place on your blog.
You can easily set up the WPRobot to make you money by displaying golf related products from Amazon products, eBay Auctions, Clickbank ads, Commission Junction products etc Dream beauty pro..

Other sites you can use for content or making money are PRWeb Press Releases- Oodle Classifieds- Shopzilla Comparisons- Twitter tweets- Linkshare products- Eventful events- iTunes content- Yelp business reviews- ShareASale datafeeds- Avantlink products- and PLR articles.
You do need to set up an affiliate program with the sites you wish to use in order to get paid by them. Once this is done, the rest is pretty easy and make money automatically. You just fill out the WP Robot settings and let it do the rest. Now that's a smart and easy way to make yourself money and your blog richer in content and more useful to your viewer! The Solar Module component category
If you want to go international, WP Robot supports many different languages. WP Robot can also rewrite or translate any post it makes automatically. If you have several sites you want to use your robot on, you can also get a supplementary software which allows you to control all your websites from one location. 
Furthermore, if you get the developers version you can build and sell websites with the WPRobot included. Talk about value added.