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Hope that many years later you will remember yourself

The steamed stuffed bun students graduate leave me little notes:Hey, still like to use this way to write to you.
In fact, always give you write a lot of note, mostly supporting you a meal, hey, want to come now is a little feel shy, but built brother really are good this thing is not in doubt.
For a start, always thought you stuffy, it was not fun, results, I was wrong. I am truly sorry! Really should be a phrase, never judge people by their appearance, not dripping can scoop yao. Build a brother, you is Mensao, slow type, is absolutely! This is my experience to draw a conclusion, as for what is slow frowsty coquettish type, is not speaking Yi, speak with a frightened dead / K-drama, still surprised. Is very happy with you around the table, because often you cold, or were you told London brother passion to stimulate, embarrassed. Of course, talk with you is quite interesting, and your math is super good. You have a smart brain.
You always can learn well, then can learn to do what!!! Well, let us these class read the novel too much to handle? Well, too much to handle what (the sky chosho), well, gossip not say more, you is really very hard, learning is also very good, nice, if no base case, should be a good boy thrifty home.
For the one you love most prime ministers, I will try to give you buy the book, how to buy you, in return for the past two years running errands of grace, and you tell me the math's great kindness, a small woman, only to buy books to repay the generation.
Build a brother, I believe, you will become a good teacher, then the peach garden. Then maybe you can also ranked in the hole Temple venerated! Don't worry, I will give you to burn incense, Hei hei
So, I wrote this on it.
A lot of memories of good, treasure is also difficult to an eye more than words. Rely on modern communication technology, we for the sad departure and distance of sorrow than the ancients is rare, after the regular contact, hope this is not the end of the departure and friendship.
(hum, good literary said Austria)
I replied to her graduation season time:
Hey, what feeling is full, it is our love. Dun like broken sleep, and I belong to the street sentry, good sad to say, the Chinese teacher came to London now, don't look up.
Studies this matter, I think, will not do, read novels, oh, this I doesn't like look, you three together to write fiction, what the emperor imperial concubine of what, I do not quite understand, so, I can't enter your circle.
Soon we were, you said you always let me bring you food, also feel shy. I felt when I used it all, when I used to buy you a meal of the day, suddenly one day it's all about to change, I will not adapt to.