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Go the distance

Dear, you will be afraid of?
A person, go rafting, adventure, to exotic;
And they said, you want to do, or turn, or cheat,lace front synthetic or in danger; you ah, we should worry about ah!
I bite my lips, I said, I am not afraid! How will not lonely, I have my pen!
So the head also don't return, stubbornly carrying a train ticket, alone.
His tight army green purse strap, the shout across the outside, that one Zhang shocked face fixed in the window.
Far away, to enjoy a different landscape, to go through a period of life, to find a moving.
I said, I'm relieved, your sincerity. You don't know me, I don't blame you.
The sun lazy, very warm; the mottled light, at the table transfer.
I was gazing out of the window, what do not want to, do nothing. Despite the naughty light hit in the face, hit the window arris side, playing in the fingers between the ink box under floated.
Black wild several strains of pine, an endless fields, well-proportioned little house.
The woman wrapped in her apron, standing wave in front of the porch, she is called the farm work husband ah, or call the naughty child! When the window a flash, I only saw wisps of smoke residual.
The mountains are magnificent, wet, set on the floor of the beast.
It stands on the slope of the large windmill, lighthouse generally base rotation with four wind plate; the wind board beige, but very slow rotation, a connecting one seat, took all my line of sight. loan lenderThe windmill has become the most beautiful ornament in the vast wilderness.Then the big chimney, streams and temple. The farther north, more blue days.
It is a section of the most beautiful scenery; thank you, let me meet you in the most beautiful years;
I want to thank you, give my expectation and moving gifts.
I want to read those beloved characters, one word one sentence read to you:
I come from the East, the first sun rise from my hometown;
My eyes are affectionate, north to the sun, for you.
You can't see me, I always feel that the mystery,
Someday you'll find out my understanding.
I wish you always naive, wish you were on the roof of the moon;
I would like to lie in your moonlight, stop all thoughts;
I even want to be born in your land, to feel your childish interest;
I would like to sing the river like serenade, decorate your dream home.
I think, I am not afraid!
No matter what kind of hardships and dangers ahead full, I will stick to it.
For those who had close to pray in my heart for the dream led bulkhead , indomitable spirit, a move for youth deduction.
I decided then, alone, with my pen, and that book.