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Flowers and the flowers

Who is this red line to hold onto my hand, who is around a tender to me sing, who will be a moonlight to my dream of heaven? I saw this holy place, in the summer night, I hope the stars, get the moon, always wait until marriage red matchmaker. All of a sudden into this strange world. All of a sudden, I seem to eat elixir of Chang E, in the misty clouds the Moon Palace, brilliant ideas, breeze breeze, this mysterious moon heard from why and when?
The summer wind gently warm the matchmaker, where are all the people? I or sth, I hope, the deep blue sky, as if a red line around the heart, not to swing, pull continuously. The night breeze hope moon, Moon Palace a few lingering. A soft, round the heart gently slowly, around the treasure in my heart, I think, I guess, who is on the moon, masked woman? Is the moon?
With a little girl in love mood, I follow the red line woven into the auspicious clouds, in this silent moonlight shining stars, with a dream of the night sky, finally came to the masked woman. This is not a child's fairy tale palace, the palace was bustling, decorate, Xianqi diffuse. The gods on this convergence, each shows special prowess. Masked woman a fur Baili red dancing butterfly, small waist thin eyebrow, eyes a blossoming flowers bloom and mysterious, as if, her eyes are blooming face, all the splendor, in her eyes world indistinct exudes the taste of dream.
"You come with me!" A sweet words, make my whole body limp, as if, she is my lady, in the wedding festivities night with me in a maze of fairy play "the night lamp, playing with each other, catching fireflies" role. Lady, would you please open your veil, let me see your face, you see a dear. All the way along with the woman on the Yao Xian pool, bypassing the pavilions, terraces and open halls, but see the distance is a riot of colours of flowers. Those flowers in full bloom, competing, lady turned the white dress, hair gleamed softly bright luster, eyes with laughter, she took out a jade flute, windswept, hundred flower instantly become colorful flowers, some hold the pipa, some playing guzheng, some with the sound of music rise and dance in a happy mood.
The night light, becoming more and more strong, more bright and clean bright, this night, witnessed this piece of don't dye earthly fairyland, see the mysterious and make me love lady, my dream, my mouth, smiled.