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Sometimes wayward

 Sometimes wayward, some are intentionally, some are not;
It gradually less to contact,Power Distributor

Somehow, you inadvertently or deliberately, I random attention;
The familiar greeting each other gradually in the clear,
Are you too busy to forget to send out, or I was too careless forget to check the records;
Perhaps these would never know;
It may be a common greeting;
It may be a simple moment;
Perhaps accustomed to there be neither hot nor cold, is not near, commom; cynical friend;
Just, seems naive composition;
Thought, so long as you can be too strong to break;
Didn't think will drift apart, also can be strange, also has avoided, will also be the stranger;
I don't know, what is the distance produces beauty, or from the produce is more and more distant gap;
I want to ask, how to avoid the face mask to the mind has led to care for this and lose that embarrassment;瑪姬& lt;/a>

I want to say, how can ignore the well-intentioned reminder lace up, careful to heal their messy collar; Is it right? That they stood by his side;
Is it right? That they had to own smile;
Is it right? That they also have been give support and encouragement;
However, those who have and those so-called once lived a life of their own;
Just by chance, a dream, or a look, a word, a similar environment;
Whether can always inadvertently think of those who close their;
Just because of the time, because the distance, as a result of the studies;
Gradually less contact, gradually less communication, gradually less words, gradually less affection
Maybe considered the apology, but did not express,
Maybe once whispered greetings, but never understand;
Perhaps into space on a line Habla Mi Corazon,but in between hesitation was himself removed every single word or phrase ... .