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The road of life was filled with incense

In the long road of life, each one came to this world of elves,AC Motor’s Operating Principle
 in order to find a long and arduous journey, walking in the road. Everyone in this way playing different roles; each one left on the road or deep or shallow imprint.
We are all from passing through the long river of life, walk in the fleeting time, always encounter a heartbeat, you silly crazy for you, some people become the passing through our lives. No matter how, always want to use a period of time of the United States to guard a time of quiet.
The calm of the surface of the lake will be due to the swaying of a grass and a ripple; and then a better life will be set off by some things and wind. People often complain about the only considered the faults of others, life unfair; like to treat people will regard him as a flavoring agent in life, and so we have fun before they can agitate heart to pure.
Every day to walk in the days of time, with the best way to manage their own lives, to protect their own day. Only the heart Chuaizhao calm love, to the life history written in elegant warm Wen, only the bottom of my heart with love, to the day to paint a picture of a beautiful picture.melody-nn
This is not only a kind of life attitude, but also the need of a kind of soul. In our body, in the heart is to love and live, but also we came to this world's exports by.
The total love Susu things, including appearance and dress. Surely, that is we came to this world on the original color, it is time to several kickout color, are the true color. Only in such a kind of color, can Ann cross our soul, collect our life, and will be the ultimate color of life and nature......
Happy days are to rely on the heart to operate and cherish. We are not gods, do not do the best, when you have a taste to blame someone else for you not HERSHEY'S, and then turn around to think about their own is not done in place.
Every man is a mirror of the others, you are good to people in the mirror, in the mirror will to you; when you feel in the mirror of you is not good, static under heart to think, you have to others do what? We have to learn to look for their own holiday, in order to find a happy mood.
People compared to is not used to overcome, but to get along, when you understand this truth, natural and happy days ahead.Melody-nn's Public Library

A person in the temper of the time, often in the exposure of their own culture; and the choice of silence, but show their own taste. When a person often to his family to express their discontent is not true happiness, it is not, but heart wrong, only the heart tone, with simple, pure love heart to feel the family warm, loving family! Instead of complaining.
Life, exists everywhere complain, mostly because I feel sorry for others, there are few people in his body to find an exit. The most difficult problem in life is to know and understand yourself. Learn to respect, learn to be patient, then you have nothing, you are also respected, complaining only exposes your personality and self-cultivation.
If there is love in heart, life on the road will be open in full flower fragrance; my heart if clear,melody-nn's soup ideas when thinking of all things must be simple; the pure and to attain the love can not love in return? In response to a love of laughter? Pure beauty?