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Candy box knowledge

Usually said sugar mainly include: cane sugar, beet sugar, sweet sorghum sugar. 牛栏牌奶粉問題事件2013
Polysaccharide - by 10 or more monosaccharides through glycosidic bonds are connected into a linear or branched polymer history in ancient times, people use honey to make candy .clothing labelThe first is in the surrounding area of Rome are the sugared almonds candy makers use honey to a almonds wrapped up, in the sun dried, can get the sugared almonds. This candy box has been widely popular. In the Meuse ( France) the Verdun region is best known today as sugared almonds manufacturing. Here BRAQ對電視背景牆進行設計是很 有必要的
A variety of shapes and colors of the sugar-coated nuts, chocolate, roasted almonds, pistachios, using ancient methods elaborate manufacture dragee processes more than 10 days. Flavie Ni monastery fennel sugar compared to smaller, rounded point. This candy is 1650 when located in the Burgundy region ( France) Flavie Ni town was invented,it has been exported to 20 countries. Candy candy box due to expensive, until eighteenth Century was only the noble can enjoy it. But with the rise of the colonial trade, sucrose is no longer rare things, many of the confectionery manufacturers at this time began to experiment with a variety of Candy Recipes large scale production of candy, candy, so as to enter home of common common people. This is today we can see so many candy of important reasons.Super special class; acrylic food box, food box, food cover, candy box. Acrylic product display cabinets, display rack, display rack. Cosmetics showcase, mobile phone MP3 small display stand. 冷氣維修應該注意選擇師傅The class of office supplies; acrylic box information, data frame, desk calendar frame, card case. Advertising; all kinds of acrylic luminous characters, light boxes, a variety of styles of the price tag, decca Acrylic suggestion box, box and all kinds of acrylic exhibition, display products. Carved Crystal characters, such as PVC word. Comelow