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better click through rate

There was a time not to many years ago that seeing a pop-up add meant you had landed on a page that wasn't suitable for Company Formation  the health of your PC or your eyes if you are under the age of 18.

The sites that once lived off of ad revenue are now scrambling to find another solution with a better click through rate. This also includes some of the larger dot-coms. It's a known fact that pop-up advertisements have a better chance of being noticed and have the potential to generate more revenue than a banner or text ad. This has led to pop-ups appearing on major websites everywhere and one must wonder, should the smaller websites follow suit and embrace the trend?

It's a fact that pop-up ads have greater potential for revenue it should also be known that their use will also impact your website in a negative manner. While the intention of a pop-up ad is to attract traffic or capture e-mail addresses for your advertising list, they leave your visitor feeling "violated" because they are so intrusive.

I know from personal experience, pop-up ads and banners are annoying and ultimately drive away your visitors. China Company When a visitor lands on your home page they are expecting an answer to their search query. Immediately hitting them with a pop-up ad before they've had an opportunity to fulfill their need is a turn off and quite intrusive. Not only have you give the user a bad experience but you have hurt the reputation of your website or brand.

Put yourself in the shoes of your visitor. You're reading website content and out of nowhere, here comes a pop-up ad blocking the Web page you chose to read. Many times you close one ad only for another to appear.

Not only was the pop-up ad annoying but they also slowed you down making you take the time to close them out. If your browser is busy opening and closing pop-up ads, it slows down the time to load the Web page you are actually trying to get to. Out of frustration, you hit the back button in search of another Website that doesn't use such intrusive practices.